Why use SignBox

Secure. Protected. Convenient —— Your signature is only a Touch away.

Using your TouchID or passcode, seal your protected signature onto any PDF document.

Secured Signature

ONLY Accessed by TouchID or passcode. Not stored on any cloud. Your signature remains in your device.

Protect Your Signature.

Your signature will not be editable or copy-able by recipients. Add Open Passwords. Prevent editing, copying or printing after signing.

Convenient Extension

Sign with SignBox Extension any PDF document from within any of your favorite Apps. All conveniently within your device.

Pixel perfect Signature

Your signature will never look better. Smoothened and inked with vector strokes. Fine print on any scale.

All the tools.you need

Conveniently add your initials, print your name, add date, or even scribble your directives alongside your signature.

No Registration Required

You don't need to setup an account. No registration. No Cloud account. No Subscription.

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What is Special About SignBox

Designed and built with privacy and security in mind. Putting only the best right in your hands.

Signature Tools

Associate your name, add date, type text or even scribble your directives alongside your signature.

Access your Cloud documents

Conveniently access your cloud-stored documents. Open documents using cloud storage extensions of you favorite cloud apps.


Smart Signature

Sign using your stored signature, your name or just securely scribble your signature every time.

Share your documents

Email, print, Save to cloud storage, or simply share to any of your favorite Apps. Run any other extension.

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More about SignBox

Finer grain details about what makes SignBox truly special.

The actual signing process totally happens within your device without it leaving the memory of your device and without communicating with any server. Only your own TouchID or passcode can unlock your signature. Never give your signature away to cloud servers again.
Smoothened and optimized to match your hand-crafted signature. Saved in vector format (strokes) and presented within documents to its finest quality; on whatever scale you may choose to see it at.
Store your signature & default directives. Control where any how to place the signature. Associate Directives to each signature. Easily associate your name or a date to your signature. Conveniently add your initials on any page or all pages. Or just securely scribble your signature every time.

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At applixya™, we create innovation through intellectual property and passion. As a high-end player specializing in enterprise platforms and applications, applixya™ envisions, architects and delivers strategic and mission critical mobile applications to support you in your business transformation initiatives.

SignBox was architect-ed, designed and developed with the same enterprise-level security and privacy in mind. SignBox is our contribution in bringing Enterprise-level technology to the masses, with simplicity, convenience and yet maintaining the highest level of security and privacy.

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